Linda made these quilts during the lockdown.  First quilt is by Heritage Quilt by Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth.  I did a new free motion pattern that I call “kite’s and loops”.  I used a yellow thread color by Omni Threads. Linda also chose an extra wide backing fabric from by “Kimberbell Basics Collection”, stars, moon and stars for Maywood Studios. Warm and White batting by the warm co was chosen.  Second quilt is also by Heritage Quilts.  I did my loop in a loop in “beach grass by Omni Threads. Warm and white batting was used. Third quilt, pattern was grabbed from her collection but she doesn’t remember the name.  I used a cream light cream by Omni Threads and I did stars and loops all over.  An extra wide backing was chosen from by Kimberbell Basics Collection and a warm and white batting was used. Forth quilt, I did my “razor feather with a swirl in a blue thread by Omni Threads.  My client also chose a backing from by Kimberbell Basics collection and it is a scroll. A warm and white batting was used.  Finally the fifth quilt, Large swirl surrounded by smaller ones in a pink thread by Omni Thread Company.  An extra wide backing fabric was chosen from  by Kimberbell Basics Collection for Maywood Studios.  A warm and white batting was used