Other Services

Other Services:
We offer warm and natural batting

Binding Services:
12.50 per yard, straight edge

Variegated thread: 2.50 per bobbin, includes the top thread as a variegated
Sample Patterns:
I have come up with these designs on my own. I also understand the economics of having a quilt done. It is very rare that I do a quilt over 25 hours. Average quilts will take 3 to 10 hours depending what you choose and the condition of your quilt. You don’t need to be shy in letting me know that you are limited on the time to spend on your quilt. We will choose together the best design to fit your quilt at the least expense to you. It also helps that it’s freehand, goes much quicker.
Remember that I will give you an estimated time of how long it will take to do your quilt. Sometimes there are unforeseen issues that I must deal with when working on your quilt which can and will take longer. I will do my best to see them before I start to let you know the extra time that may be involved.
Feel free to change up a pattern, for example; you might want loops instead of meandering or swirls and no hearts, different ideas in each border while the body of the quilt has something different. It’s your quilt, I will let you know if it will work or the size it needs to be.