Quilting Services

Quilting Services
I have been a longarm quilter for 33 years.  All my work is done without following a pantograph or computer driven.  When I meet with a client, you are encouraged to ask me any questions especially when it comes to budget. For your convenience, I carry warm and white and warm and plush batting and a large growing selection of 108″ extra wide cotton backings and hundreds of threads.

Prepping Your Quilt

1. I charge 40.00 an hour
2. If you have a directional quilt, please have it marked on both top and back at the top with safety pins.
3. You do not have to over iron your top and back.  If it comes to us wrinkled, I spray a little water on it to straighten
4. It is best to have your quilt squared up.  However, I understand that many quilts are not.  No worries, you have brought your quilt to someone who knows how to square up while it is on the longarm.  You may have intentional pleats put in but I will do my best to make it look like a seam that is suppose to be there.
5. Do your best to remove “excess threads”.  I know you won’t get every thread, no big deal, as I go along I will remove it.  Just remember that I can’t control the loose threads on the wrong side of your quilt.  If you have a light colored fabric, loose threads will show, but can be “needled out”.
6. Quilting fabric is best for the top and back.  I can still quilt even if you use sheets.  Just remember that there is sizing in the sheets and the threads are a very high thread count which means there will be threads that break and can make little holes get bigger as you wash your quilt.  I have also quilted on silk and upholstery fabric, it just takes a little longer to do.
7. You can send your quilts to me using your preferred mailing.  Just remember that I can’t guarantee it arriving to me.  Make sure you have it insured (if you like) and a tracking number.  I will send back to you usually US Mail with your preferred insurance and tracking number.
Most of all, please, don’t feel intimidated about sending a quilt that has issues.  Most of us have been there before.


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