Teddy Bear With Bubbles Crib Quilts And Pillow Cover-1935- 15″ x 16″ and 27″ x 39″ (pillow cover not shown).  These two Quilts and pillow cover were made by Vogart (only the quilt is represented here).  Crib quilts are #2030 and pillow cover is #2029 and sold thru F.W. Woolworth Catalogs in 1935.  It was the fall catalog marked F-35 with the label of N.R.A. 31-29 making it part of the National Recovery Act.  FDR established a minimum wage and a maximum work week to divide the benefit of increased productivity between capital and labor.  That act was declared unconstitutional in 1935 by the Supreme Court. Pillow Colors are good except for the faded red balloon.  Only the pillow was bound in red binding.  Crib colors are mostly lightly faded.  The quilt has a nicely added border of striped fabrics in red, green and blue that are cut into triangles. The scalloped binding is red binding.

I typed it out exactly as it was.  This is pretty amazing.  My client is a historian of quilts.  I basted for her to hand quilt.  She used a warm and natural batting. I described 2 quilts and pillow cover.  Only 1 quilt is shown and no pillow cover.  just in case you are confused!